Specialty brushes

Custom made specialty brushes are made to order for our customers. We gladly develop a new bespoke brush together with you to cater to client-specific brush needs.
As brush experts, we take great pride in finding the right brush solution for you. Take a look around the applications page to see how various sealing problems have been solved with a fitting brush solution.

Working closely together with our in-house plastic injection moulding company RiZZ plastics we can offer great advantages to our customers in the development of technical brush solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Custom-made specialty brushes

Custom-made technical and industrial brushes are specialty brushes that are specially designed for the client’s application. For example, brushes with special chemical or high-temperature resistance or a simple brush strip that is exactly made to the client’s specifications in our production to minimize the costs of labor and waste in the client’s production through efficiency. Special mechanical characteristics or a smart way to fix the brush are also possible.

Development of specialty brushes

We develop various industrial or technical brushes in close cooperation with our clients. Both high-tech solutions and simple made-to-order. We gladly think ahead of you when developing an industrial brush. We can make the brush strip at the appropriate length and punch holes in the profile as part of our production process. Thus saving time and waste. Contact our sales department in an early stage. Thinking ahead saves money

Specialty Brush components

We process synthetic fibers, natural fibers, and a mix between the two which is known as mixed hair. Various aluminum profiles make it easy to fix custom-made strip brushes. A plastic profile or flexible backing is also available. We also process fibers that give our brushes special qualities to withstand chemical or extreme temperatures. Nylon 6, 6.6, 6.10, 6.12, Polyester PBT and LDPE High tech polymeres such as UL94 V0 flame retardant, filament capable of resisting high temperatures like Nylon, PPS, PEEK, conductive and anti-static Nylon. Other options are cutouts in the brush strip, such as applied in vacuum cleaners.

Brush cut-outs

Brush cut-outs for vacuum cleaners brushes or other solutions. Do you need Brush cut-outs because of special places or machinery? It is possible that we create custom brushes with cut-outs. So the brush always fits where it belongs.

Brush seal applications custom made brush
Brush seal applications custom made brush
Brush seal applications custom made plastic component
Brush seal applications custom made plastic component

Plastic components

We develop and produce various brush and plastic components. Competencies are plastic injection molding, 3d technical drawing, 3d printing, and rapid prototyping. RiZZ plastics, our sister company specializing in plastic injection molding, is housed under the same roof as our brush manufacturing plant. Our companies have been intertwined since the plastics company was founded decades ago. Both in the management and on the work floor, you will find the same people.


On the webpage with brush applications you can see some highlights of recent projects that we have done.

  • Brushes that keep an sliding door running.
  • various consumer products in health care
  • brushes for the vacuum cleaner industry
  • brush sealing for industrial doors.
  • applications in the automotive industry.

And many many more. We make brushes since 1941.



We are capable of understanding your specific needs and are keen to advise you in the whole process. Our focus is to develop a brush solution that helps you to get the desired specifications. It all starts with close cooperation and an understanding of the set of requirements that are demanded. You have one contact person who is always available for you. Customers reward us for our excellent communication throughout all stages of the process.


Testimonials and references are anonymized on the website to respect the privacy of our clients. We gladly provide you with more information on the various projects we did.

Good price quality rate” Head purchaser door manufacturing plant. Buys various draught brushes that are used in industrial doors.

24% higher output on the machine ” Head technical department of a plant that makes foil. Uses a brush that can withstand high temperatures.

Reliable for decades” Purchaser for factories that make consumer lifestyle products.