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Brush Seals

Brush seals are durable solutions to many sealing problems. We are happy to think along with you to determine the most suitable sealing brush for your application.


Different bristles can be used for the brush seals. The most common are polypropylene, nylon, and mixed hair (usually with horsehair).

Which brush is suitable for you depends, among other things, on the application; what do you want to seal against? In addition, environmental influences are important, such as temperature, humidity, exposure to UV light, frequency and intensity of use, etc.

In addition, different thicknesses and lengths are of course possible.

Draught strips
Draught strips
Brush seals
Brush seals
door-line outdoor mat
door-line outdoor mat
Brush-seal with detail


Generally, a brush seal comes with a carrier. A carrier is a profile with which you can attach the brush seal. The desired mounting method determines which profile is suitable: straight, perpendicular, or with an angle of 45 degrees. These profiles are easy to install and provide a flexible and durable seal for practically any situation.


Most profiles are supplied in aluminum. These profiles can be anodized if you wish. This is also possible in color. Powder coating is possible in all RAL colours. Ask for the possibilities.


Holes can also be punched in the profiles. Ask for the possibilities

Do you have other wishes? Call or email us. There is more possible than you may think. If desired, our strip brushes can also be ordered without an aluminum profile.

Practical application examples

Standard from stock or customization

It is also possible to supply a brush seal without a profile. We supply the most common solutions (90-95%) as standard products, often even from stock! In addition, we can produce or develop any desired solution to your specifications.

We are proud to say that our brush seal products almost never result in a complaint. If this is the case, you can count on us to solve it.


Our standard products can be ordered individually via Other conditions apply for higher numbers and also for customization. The price of a strip brush depends on the type, order quantity, transport costs, and packaging quantity.

In general, the more brushes per purchase, the cheaper the price per piece. This has everything to do with the setting time of the brushing machine.

Problem or solution

We don’t think in problems, but in solutions. Do you have a technical challenge and can a brush offer a solution? Call or email us.