Letterbox plates and draughtstrips

Letterbox plate and draught excluder

Energy prices have never been so high! That is why everyone is now interested in saving opportunities, also in the field of draft protection.

Unique to our letter plates and draughtstrips are the draft-resistant strip brushes. These brushes are energy-saving and prevent drafts, but do not close completely. The latter is important because every house must be ventilated for the supply of clean air and oxygen.

Both draft-resistant letter plates and draughtstrips are currently in high demand. We supply a range from basic to more decorative and even a luxury range, both under our own door-line brand and under private label. We can supply these completely for you in consumer packaging, but also packed separately in bulk in handy boxes.

Most letter plates and door strips with brushes that you come across in energy-saving boxes, at hardware stores and in hardware stores are produced by us in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.

If you are also a wholesaler or retailer, please contact us to discuss the conditions.