Brush strips

Brush strips with different brushes

nylon, polypropylene pp and mixed hair
Brush sealing
Brush sealing

Brush strips with profiles are easy to assemble and offer flexible and durable sealing for any underground.

We like to think with you to find the best sealing brush for your application. Temperature, humidity, frequency, intensity of use, UV light, and many more things have an influence on the functionality of the brush strip. The profile used depends on the way of montage.

We supply many sealing solutions such as nylon brushes, polypropylene brushes, and mixed hair in a mixture of horse hair and synthetic fiber brushes. The most commonly used solutions are standard sealing products. We can manufacture any brush to your specification, or develop a completely new draft or sealing brush to suit your wishes. Brush strips are manufactured in our factory in The Netherlands.

Visit door-line for our standard program strip brushes.

Montage from brush strips

The profile used depends on the way of montage. We supply many sealing solutions such as Nylon, polypropylene, and mixed hair in a mixture of horse hair and synthetic fibers. The most commonly used solutions are standard products.

Brush stripes profiles

We offer a choice between a variety of profiles, at standard dimensions or to your specification.

  • F profile is fixed under the door
  • h profile is fixed on the door
  • Also, available in other angles

Brush strips filament

Brush strips can be produced with various kinds of fires or filaments. There are many different qualities that can give a brush specific qualities.

Synthetic fibers

  • Nylon 6, 6.6, 6.10, 6.12, Polyester PBT en LDPE
  • High-tech polymers such as UL94 V0 flame retardant, filament resistant to high temperatures such as Nylon, PPS, PEEK, conductive and anti-static Nylon.

Mixed hair

Brush strips that are produced with a mixed hair filament have their own characteristics. The mix of synthetic fibers like Nylon and natural hair such as horsehair leads to a combined strength and makes them widely applicable.

Brush strips for Moist

Wet or dry application of brushes.
Polymers that are most suitable for application in an environment with a high humidity are Polyester PBT, Nylon 6.10 and Nylon 6.12 because they absorb very little moisture. PP and LDPE absorb no moisture at all. Nylon 6 and 6.6 become softer and less effective the longer they’re exposure to moist is extended.

Brush strips for chemicals

When brush strips have to work in a chemical environment we advise you to contact our sales department. We use a broad range of filaments (fibers) to cater to various purposes. Nylon is well resistant to Alkaline (pH>7) while Polyester is applicable with acid (pH<7). PP is resistant to most chemicals.

Brush strips for extreme temperature

Extrem temperature and brush strips. Normal Nylon and Polyester brushes can continue to withstand a temperature of 80 -100°C (176 – 212°F). Polypropylene (PP) and LDPE withstand less heat.
High-tech polymers such as UL94 V0 flame retardant and filament resistant to high heat such as Nylon, PPS, PEEK, conductive, and anti-static Nylon are used for brush applications that are resistant to high temperatures.
For example the sealing of industrial machinery equipment around exhaust pipes or ovens and guide products in an industrial plant.

Brush strips that are fire-resistant

We have a variety of fibers that can help to improve the safety of your product in case of fire. Flame retardant or extinguishing characteristics can make the difference to stop fire from spreading to other rooms.
We are glad to advise you on this matter.


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